Water Treatment need a Tech Upgrade

Industrial effluent treatment is falling short of WHO and OECD standards. Not only are the incumbent solutions expensive, they pose challenges of sludge and membrane fouling.

Our Solutions

Our Molecular Filters utilise antimicrobial filter fabrics and special media for removal of dissolved pollutants from fresh water. Special customized media & electrodes remove industrial pollutants and extract valuable materials from waste water.

Efficacy at Fractional Cost of incumbent technologies

1. Our solutions needs only 1 gram of media to purify up to 5 litres of water, removing pollutants 

2. 100 kg of our special media abates 150 ppm COD in 100,000 litres water

Alternatively, similar results with thermal evaporation would cost 2X to 140X

The Industry is making it’s Move. Make yours Now!

Change the Paradigm on Industrial Emission Treatment

Molecular filters may be the future of sustainable manufacturing and mitigating industrial air pollution.

High Impact Sustainable Tech that Makes Sense

Discover why our patented industry effluent treatment solutions make more environmental and economical sense.


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