Air Treatment need a Tech Upgrade

Treatment of Industrial emissions often takes a one-type-fits-all approach.
Prevalent ULPA and HEPA filters are limited solutions when it comes to solving industry challenges 

  • Comply consistently with Industrial Emission Standards
  • Prevent Corrosion of equipment.
  • Avert health hazards
  • Effectiveness of treatment should not be prohibitively expensive

Our Solutions

Our Molecular Air Filters are high on efficiency combining our specialty material know-how and proprietary regeneration process for removal of gaseous pollutants. The air treatment solutions utilises a Chemisorptive process with a choice of media for selective removal of gaseous pollutants.
PurSafe Regen is a total game changer – Regenerable and can remove corrosive gases and CO2.

Efficiency at Fractional Cost of corrosive removal Commercial Filters

Use of corrosive removal commercial filters are not just outdated on technology but can be upto 20 times more expensive for similar use.

Change the Paradigm on Industrial Effluent Treatment

Tackle issues like inadequacy, sludge, membrane fouling, high costs with our water treatment solutions.

High Impact Sustainable Tech that Makes Sense

Discover why our patented industry effluent treatment solutions make more environmental and economical sense.


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