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Every entrepreneurial journey starts as an awakening moment and a strong urge to make a larger impact on society. For us, the moment was when Cooper exclaimed in the movie, Interstellar “We used to look up at the sky and wonder about our place in the stars. Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” 

As material chemistry experts, we wondered how could we change the future we were inevitably heading towards – an inhabitable earth full of dirt and pollution!


While there were separate solutions available in the market for industrial air and wastewater treatment but none of them treated both nor was their solution regenerable. For industries, it meant spending more money to clean their waste and building new waste in the process. Many said it was impossible to solve this aspect but for us it was necessary. 

We set out to find a more sustainable and affordable solution and that led to the foundation of Exposome in 2020, a material science startup focused on inventing and manufacturing reusable molecular filters for capturing air emissions and treating wastewater for industries.

Our treatment solutions incorporate a proprietary regenerative process and filter materials “Pur-safe” and “Pur-code” that are both selective and long-lasting. The cutting-edge solutions help deliver cleaner air and water from various industrial streams such as Chemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Oil Refineries, Cement, Thermal Power Plants, Textile, Leather and more.

Impact Statement & Goal

We aim to increase the percentage of treated wastewater in India by 0.5% through safe and efficient capture of effluents using 400 tons of molecular filters per month and 15 billion cubic meters of clean air by the deployment of 10,000 molecular filters every month.

Our Leadership Team - Expertise that counts

Dr. Prerna Goradia

President & CTO

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Mr. Ashish Daga


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    Dr. Amit Goradia

    Director -Technology

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    Have a specific Challenge in Air and Water Treatment?

    Change the Paradigm on Industrial Effluent Treatment

    Tackle issues like inadequacy, sludge, membrane fouling, high costs with our water treatment solutions.

    Change the Paradigm on Industrial Emission Treatment

    Molecular filters may be the future of sustainable manufacturing and mitigating industrial air pollution.